Damien Hirst's Latest 'Eat the Rich' Series Now Available In The Gallery

To coincide with Damien Hirst's major Venice exhibition 'Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable', we have the artist's latest ‘Eat the Rich’ series of prints available through the gallery.

‘Eat the Rich’ is a new series of twelve silkscreen prints that depicts pharmaceutical packaging in which the tablet’s brand name has been replaced by a word implying violence, force or aggression. 

View the new 'Eat the Rich' series of prints here

The series expands upon Hirst’s long-standing interest in the aesthetics of pharmaceutical packaging, which first manifested in his early ‘Medicine Cabinets’ series. 

Similar to the thirteen-part ‘Last Supper’ silkscreen editions, ‘Eat the Rich’ exemplifies the artist’s “obsession with the body” and the medical and pharmaceutical industries attached to it, in which confidence is exuded through minimalist designs that perpetuate “the modernist fantasy that everyone and everything can be cured.”

Hirst first began his exploration into presenting medicine as art in the late 80s with his groundbreaking aforementioned cabinets.  They were presented as a form of latter-day Pop Art with the colourful, eye-catching and familiar products exploring the artist’s philosophy of art’s ability to heal, as well as conjuring notions of mortality. 

Hirst has likened the minimalist packaging of medicinal products to the work of conceptual sculptors Sol Le Witt and Donald Judd: “They’re not flamboyant are they? They’re not allowed to sell themselves, except in a very clinical way. Which starts to become funny.”

Humour is an important and often employed element in the work of Damien Hirst, which the artist describes as “a by-product of thinking about creating meaning through the relationships of objects”. The ‘Eat the Rich’ series of exquisite prints sees Hirst dark humour permeate through the works, juxtaposing macabre sensibilities with distinct minimalist design, blown up to a large scale.

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July 7, 2017