RHODES - THE NEW NAME FOR Lawrence Alkin Gallery

Exciting & Important News About The Gallery

Earlier this year Lawrence Alkin Gallery, as an entity, changed ownership and was sold in its entirety by its previous owner to the current owner, and former gallery director, Sam Rhodes


Under its new ownership the gallery has been provided with an exciting new impetus and direction, which Sam and his team aim to take forward to great new heights in the coming years.

Having been at the helm of the gallery for 11 years, nurturing the gallery's clients and artists over this time as well as moving the gallery forward through a decade of turbulent global times, it seemed the natural step to take personally and professionally.

The chief aim of the new gallery will be to continue to build upon the great reputation the gallery has achieved so far and expand upon it to greater heights; working more closely with artists to produce ever exciting projects and great exhibitions. 

There have been several immediate changes behind the scenes within the gallery, which are now becoming public. It's time to re-brand!

The most obvious change that will impact you as a client & follower of the gallery is that the gallery will be undertaking a full re-branding including the name and contact information.

The new name for Lawrence Alkin Gallery is RHODES or Rhodes Contemporary Art, as it will occasionally be referred.

In the meantime, virtually every aspect of the gallery is remaining the same for the foreseeable future. 

The existing staff are staying, so you will still receive a familiar face when you walk through the door & chiefly the location of the gallery is staying too.

Sam, who has been the lynchpin for the gallery for over a decade is here to stay, so any dealings past and present with him will continue. The location at New Compton Street, too, has been a destination for art for decades and we aren't about to alter this; we just aim to look after and preserve its legacy from here on, building a future which we hope will see the site develop as well as expand into new locations - and who knows, maybe even new lands too.



"The opportunity to do something a daily basis that I love and am supremely passionate about is an honour. Everyone has always asked me what I would call my own gallery if I had one; and since the news broke of my purchase, that question has been asked a whole lot more.
In placing my name as the public brand, i'm placing my trust and faith in my own abilities to, not just do a good job, but to personally do a good job for all the artists and clients who know and support the gallery."  - Sam Rhodes



September 14, 2018