“As an artist one always has to think of what to do next.”

Magnus Gjoen

Taking objects perceived as destructive, Magnus Gjoen transforms them into an elegant and fragile images worthy of contemplation and admiration. He creates a juxtaposition between something that is beautiful yet deadly at the same time. Marrying genres such as street art or Pop art with fine art he produces something both traditional yet uniquely current.


Having worked as a graphic designer for Vivienne Westwood, Magnus Gjoen’s embellished objects are all created digitally. To create these images he first builds a virtual three dimension base and then meticulously shadows and highlights to give the stunning finished effect best seen in his delft porcelain pieces.


Magnus Gjoen aims to address the misconceptions of beauty and power through his art. Often capable of creating immense beauty but also capable of destroying it, the human race itself is often a favoured subject. He takes inspiration from everywhere, with Renaissance and Flemish masters, religion and war of particular importance. “The human mind itself is fragile yet beautiful and I use the porcelain to comment on the fine balance that sometimes holds our societies and us together”.


Born in London to Norwegian parents and with a master degree in fashion he now works full time as an artist although his knowledge of high end fashion is clearly evident in the beauty and opulence of his pieces.