“I would say my hallmark is capturing the character and personality – be it in the studio, on stage, on set or in some fairly interesting location around the globe.”

David Ross

Hired to produce Kate Moss’ first photo shoot in 1988, David Ross states he enjoys interviewing subjects as he shoots; bringing forth a depth and beauty in their character. Defining it as ‘magic’ he allows for their real personality to shine through allowing them to look their best, because they feel great.


Defining himself as an actor, David Ross comes from a family of photographers. With a reputation for producing Hollywood style pictures with refined skin, he learnt the old fashioned way; in the darkroom, using plate cameras and even retouching by hand. With over twenty five years experience, David Ross’ most prestigious clients include Vogue, British Airways and Saatchi & Saatchi.


From North London, David Ross has taught at Westminster College, London and held workshops on portraiture at Westminster University. Preferring to use film because of its random grain and tonal range, he likes being left with a physical negative containing those moments in history.


Remembering the moment Kate landed on his doorstep in October 1988; ‘there was a unique sparkle to her which was bound to evolve into something special, although I had no idea how much at the time’. The black and white images show a fresh-faced, fluffy-haired young Kate smiling in a sweatshirt.