“It’s a satisfying escape from reality. It kind of protrudes into my personality, completely unpredictable; my art is quite bi-polar... like me. I attempt to be defined by nothing and to defy everything.”

Greg Haberny

With his wild, radical and controversial style, Greg Haberny creates highly political pieces in unconventional means. Based in New York City, he constructs no-holds barred installations that incorporate all forms of mixed media to create a visual explosion for the senses.


Influenced by social disorder, popular culture and underground counter-culture, he describes film as a major inspiration, aligning what he does as very much like filmmaking; ‘what I do is extremely theatrical... or should I say circus like.’ Offering a unique critical take on what he perceives as a world gone made, Greg Haberny mixes influences from Alfred Hitchcock to Terry Richardson.


Growing up in a very artistic family in Connecticut, Greg Haberny studied photography and filmmaking prior to working for several years in the film industry. Taking inspiration from bookstores, pop culture, history and art books as well as vintage comics, advertisements and the daily newspaper, he uses a mixed range of tools from acrylic paint to explosives and metal.


Regenerating vintage comics, pin-up girls of yesteryear and baby boomer advertising, he opens an inner dialogue which shifts our perceptions and creates stories with individual works. His distinctive art style has been exhibited extensively in the US and internationally as well as being held in many private and public collections.