'I’m still exploring this concept of pixelation of images. I feel like I’m only at the beginning at the moment...'

Nick Smith

Glasgow born artist Nick Smith produces striking artworks with the clever use of his custom colour-chip. Each individual chip is annotated with a word, allowing Smith to run text through his images creating an intriguing, additional layer of information to the pixelated image. His unique visual language has developed over the years having worked in the realms of interior and graphic design, before dedicating himself fulltime to his art.


Nick Smith’s first solo exhibition at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, ‘Psycolourgy’, introduced the art world to his reworking of classic paintings from the 20th Century canon. Universally known works including David Hockney’s ‘The Bigger Splash’, Andy Warhol’s ‘Soup Cans’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ were all recast through the lens of Smith, creating new original collages that interrogate ideas of depiction, digitalisation and recognition. The show was a huge success with the entire collection selling out, as well as numerous print releases in the subsequent months. 


Smith’s second show ‘Paramour’ in 2016 saw the artist draw inspiration from classic erotic literature. Again he employed his now signature colour-chip technique, infusing the sensual imagery with excerpts of text taken from Shakespeare’s poems and sonnets. The theme of illicit love permeated through the evocative new body of work.


With a mental bookcase stuffed full of past and current visual obsessions tying Victorian illustration to Memphis design, Nick Smith's work draws on a diverse and exciting pool of influence. Refusing to be pinned down, expect many surprises in the future from this hugely talented artist.