“For me, footwear is a personal statement and shoes are a bigger expression of who you are and where you’re headed,”

Renée Snelson

Street artist and shoe designer Renée Snelson, also known as XORS, gives new life to footwear through powerful murals splashing the streets of New York City. Creating a category of her own, Renée’s “shoefiti” mixes fashion, art, and female empowerment by taking her sketches and turning them into large, eye-catching masterpieces. After years of working in the shoe industry, Renée found herself needing to release creativity in another form to connect with the artist within her. Her original illustrations capture her spirit and thoughts on fashion, colour, trend, and art. Further on, this process led her to street art and to repeatedly wheatpaste shoes onto the streets of NYC. Today, working from her Brooklyn studio, she produces large scale paintings using stencil, spray paint and acrylic.


Renée Snelson summarizes her relationship with shoes “I have such a love-hate relationship with fashion. These shoes are gigantic contradictions – fighting to be modern, to be fashionable, to stand out and survive the journey of trying to make it in this crazy upside-down world”.


Renée Snelson's artwork will be exhibited in our Mix Summer show between 28th August and 2nd of September 2017.